Make compromises, Chinese scholar tells India, Pakistan

Beijing, Nov 21 (IANS) A Chinese scholar on Monday urged Pakistan and India to make compromises to ease their strained ties, telling Islamabad that violence won’t change the “chaotic situation” in Kashmir.

Writing in the Global Times, Long Xingchun also warned India against isolating Pakistan and trying to weaken its moderate leadership.

The author is the director of the Centre for Indian Studies at China West Normal University.

Referring to the deteriorating India-Pakistan relations, Long said in a commentary that if their leaders had the goodwill to improve ties, “they should put the fanatical nationalism within their countries under control and handle destructive events with a cool head”.

The commentary warned that “simply imposing pressure on Pakistan does not help” and referred to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unending verbal attacks on Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism.

The commentary said Islamabad had weak control over the country.

“Not only can’t it control its intelligence organisations, military and local governments, the government has no capability to manage its tribes, religious groups and terrorist forces.

“It is unfair to attribute the (terror) attacks on India to the Pakistani government, because the government would like to solve the discrepancies with India through dialogue.

“Pressing the Pakistani government only puts pressure on the moderate forces within Pakistan and fosters hawkish sentiment toward India.

“Isolating Pakistan will have limited effects,” the commentary said. “Isolating Pakistan will only make the country lose face, but have little real impact.”

The author added: “A chaotic Pakistan will become a hotbed for extremism, which India will find more difficult to tackle…

“The Pakistani government, military and other groups should realize that armed struggles and terror attacks will not change the chaotic situation of Kashmir, and will leave people in desperation.”

The commentary said: “After decades of confrontation, it is time that the two sides make some compromises.”