Mamata Banerjee at Jantar Mantar: You’re targeting common man, not Swiss account holders

New Delhi, Nov 23: Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee speaks at protest rally against demonetization at Jantar Mantar:

– You (the government) are targeting shops, famlilies and lives of common people. Are you targeting Swiss Banks? No.

– Labourers are not getting their wages. Whom will I take their pain and voices to?

– Most of industries are on standstill, labour and working class is not getting their daily wages and not able to eat anything.

– The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) will get a befitting reply in the upcoming elections due to demonetisation.

– This protest is not about election. The government should understand that whatever they did is affecting normal people.

– When our country’s economy was moving at a steady rate, the government brought in demonetisation that really shuffled our country.

– I challenge the BJP that this time nobody will support their party, even their own workers will abandon them.

– Government has lost all the credibility, and if credentials are lost, everything is lost.