Man-eating tigress from Corbett shot dead 11 times and paraded by villagers

CORBETT,Oct21: A man-eating tigress that unleashed terror on those living at the Corbett reserve forests in Uttarakhand was shot dead and paraded by triumphant villagers for nearly three hours on Thursday.

The three-year-old tigress had killed two persons and wounded five over the past few weeks.

A massive chase that included drum-beating villagers, forest rangers, drones, helicopters, elephants and hunting dogs ended late last night. The tigress was cornered in Ramnagar, around 250 km from Delhi, and shot 11 times by forest officials and villagers.

This morning, the hunters followed a trail of blood to find her dead in a sugarcane field.

The three-year-old tigress of Corbett had killed two persons and wounded five.
Around one crore was spent in the 45-day hunt.

The tigress had become a dreaded spectre for local people as well as tourists.

Children had missed school for several days and people rarely went out after dark.

Before a group of forest officials and villagers set out for the hunt with their weapons, they held a puja for divine help in capturing the beast.