Man murders wife, 3 daughters, keeps bodies at home for three days

Chennai, June 24: A 35-year-old man allegedly killed his wife and their three daughters after she refused to live with him and kept the bodies in his house for three days while going about his routine normally in Chennai.  On Friday, the police found the four bodies and arrested the accused Chinnaraj. Chinnaraj confessed to the Royapettah police to having killed his wife Pandiammal, 38, and her three daughters Pavithra, 19, Parimala, 18 and Sneha, 16 during interrogation, reported The Times of India.

According to the police, Chinnaraj married Pandiammal, who was living with her three children after her first husband left her, in 2012, in Palani. He took them to Chennai where he was living on the first floor of a rented house in Muthu Street, right behind the Royapettah police station.

Pandiammal used to complain about the house being too small for five people. Chinnaraj slept outside the house during the night to make enough space for his wife and her children to sleep. One day, Pandiammal threatened to leave him if he doesn’t rent a spacious house.

On Monday, Chinnaraj had a heated argument with Pandiammal. On the same night, he bludgeoned to death Pandiammal, Pavithra, and Parimala and strangulated Sneha using an iron box cable while they were sleeping.

He kept the bodies inside the house and next day, went to the sweet shop where he worked. The house owner complained when a foul smell spread from the house on Thursday. The accused said it was because of a dead rat and left for work locking the doors as usual.

As he didn’t return, the house owner filed a complaint with the police when the smell became unbearable. The police broke the doors of the house and found the bodies in a highly decomposed state.

On Friday, the police arrested Chinnaraj from Marina Beach when he came to retrieve his two-wheeler that had been parked there earlier. Pavithra was a polytechnic student and Parimala was planning to join a para-medical course soon. Sneha was a Class 12 student.