Man orders £3000 bitcoin miner, Amazon delivers a £6 DVD

Man orders £3000 bitcoin miner, Amazon delivers a DVD

London, January 25: Ichim Bogdan Cezar, along with his friends, ordered a bitcoin miner worth £3000 from Amazon in hopes of mining some money out of the cryptocurrency boom. But in a bizarre incident, Ichim  was delivered a DVD of the Hollywood animated movie Baby Boss instead.

According to reports, Ichim pooled money along with his friends and placed an order for the miner back in November 2017. He said that he invested such a huge amount on the equipment as the Bitcoin value was soaring. Although, the product which was delivered on December 5 contained a DVD worth £6.

Ichim contacted Amazon on December 18 to lodge a complaint and to request a replacement. The E-commerce giant promised him that they will resolve the issue soon and get him the right package, but on December 20, the seller closed his return request saying that it was resolved. Ichim filed two refund requests, but they were both denied on the basis that he had signed for the package.

After multiple requests, Ichim finally received his  refund from Amazon. During the time when Ichim was requesting for a replacement, the price of bitcoin was at an all-time high, and within a month, it doubled to $19,000.  If the package was rightly delivered, he could have made mined Bitcoins like he dreamed, but now that he received the refund, he is relieved that he could at least pay back the friends who pooled in for the miner.

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