Man publicly hanged for rape and murder of 7-Year-old girl in Iran to restore citizens’ sense of security

Supreme Court notice to Centre seeking response in three weeks on alternate for hanging convicts to death Photo: Twitter

Tehran/Iran, August 21: Esmail Jafarzadeh, the man was hanged to death in front of the crowd in Iran on Wednesday as he was accused of rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl. According to reliable sources, the killing of 42-year-old Esmail Jafarzadeh was shown in a video shared on the state broadcaster’s website. Esmail Jafarzadeh was hanged at early morning in a small northwestern town of Parsabad that is located in Ardebil province.

According to official sources, Naser Atabati the prosecutor of Ardebil said that the execution was held in public in order to restore the citizens sense of security and relieve their troubled minds. The seven-year-old Atena Aslani went missing on June 19 after walking away from her street vendor father. According to media sources, Esmail Jafarzadeh was the prime suspect confessed to her rape and murder after her body was found by police in the garage of his house.

The President Hassan Rouhani stated the case as terrible and called for quick justice. The trail of the case began in late August and it almost took less than a week to convict Esmail Jafarzadeh. The Supreme court confirmed the death sentence on September 11. The public prosecutor Abdollah Tabatabayi later announced that Esmail Jafarzadeh confessed to the murder of a woman two years ago whose body was never found.

In another incident when a eight-month-old girl, who was in a car got stolen while her father opened the gates to their home in a Tehran suburb. She was found dead in the car after six days, and two men have were charged with murder. The parliament of Iran passed a long-awaited amendment to its drug laws in August. The law has yet to be approved by the Guardian Council.