Maneka Gandhi’s comment on safety and hormone invites criticism

Maneka Gandhi's comment on safety and hormone invites criticism.

New Delhi, March 7: The Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development, Maneka Gandhi said that women’s hostels must strictly follow early curfew to prevent atrocities against women to a certain extent. It is better for girls to be back at the hostel before 6′ O clock in the evening, she added. She was speaking to NDTV as part of the International Women’s Day on March 8th.

The hormonal outbursts in the teenage would result in certain mental challenges. So to be victorious over the challenges, they shall follow some restrictions like this.

She was asked whether tightening the security of women’s colleges could help prevent atrocities. She replied that one or two Bihari Securities cannot do anything if such a situation arise. Only such restrictions in keeping time could help in this situation.

If they want to visit the library during night, give separate days for boys and girls. Give two nights to girls and two nights to boys in a week.

She was also asked whether boys should be treated differently. Then she told that same deadline shall be imposed on boys too. Why boys need to wander inside the campus after 6’O Clock, she asked. Let them also stay indoors after this time and do their studies.

Maneka Gandhi faces criticism

While Maneka Gandhi came under fire from Twitter users following her comment on the NDTV show on Monday ahead of International Women’s Day. In the talk she justified early curfew for girls in hostel. It is needed to protect them from their own “hormonal outbursts”, she added.

“Being a parent sending a daughter to a college – or a son – I would expect her and him to be protected. And perhaps one of the protections is against themselves. When you are 16 or 17 you are also hormonally very much challenged. So to protect you from your own hormonal outbursts, a Lakshman Rekha shall be drawn. Maneka Gandhi had replied when asked by a college student about the rationale for having early curfew only for girls in hostels.

Maneka Gandhi on Tuesday told that a part of her statement has been taken out of context. “If you see the video I have said that there has to be same deadlines for both boys and girls and why should boys be allowed to wander about in the campus after 6 pm,” Maneka Gandhi asked.