Mangalore auto driver offers people free rides to banks during demonetization

New Delhi,Nov17: At a time when people are waiting outside banks, ATMs, post offices to exchange notes of Rs 500/1000 in long queues post the government’s demonetisation move, there are others who in such a time are helping out the needy ones.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an address to the nation on November 8, announced the ban on two big value currency notes, people have been facing a lot of inconvenience while exchanging or deposit the demonetised currency.

But here is an auto driver who in a situation like this is helping out people. Sadiq, an auto driver from Mangaluru, making a rightful use of his job, has been offering free rides to those people who are going to the banks to get their demonetised currency exchanged.

Sadiq, who is a big Modi fan, has put a banner on his auto which says, “Free ride to people going to banks for currency exchange”.

A nice move from an auto driver, who instead of criticising government’s move, which has been negatively portrayed by many, in order to crack down on black money and corruption, is helping out people.

However, the Opposition continuous to hit out at the centre over its sudden currency ban and has demanded for its roll back.

In a surprise move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on Tuesday had announced that in order to put a menace and crackdown on black money, the government will demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes and they will be replaced by new Rs 500 and Rs 2,0000 notes which will be available in the ATMs from November 11.

However, PM also said that there was no need to panic as people will be able to deposit or exchange banned notes through Banks, Post Offices between November 10 and December 30.