‘Mangalsutra’ snatching couple arrested in MP

Bhopal, Nov 24 (IANS) A couple has been arrested in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh for allegedly snatching ‘mangalsutras’ of women walking on the road, police said on Thursday.

Shantanu and Vinita, nicknamed “Bunty-Babli”, were arrested with three ‘mangalsutras’ totally worth Rs 75,000.

Talking to reporters, Additional Superintendent of Police Sitaram Sariyam said the couple riding their motorcycle used to look for lone women and on spotting one, they would stop her to ask for directions.

“When the woman stopped, Vinita on the pillion would snatch the ‘mangalsutra’ while Shantanu would zoom away,” Sariyam said.

The accused told reporters that they belong to good families and had never done anything wrong earlier. But after they got married in January, shortage of money became a problem as they were staying away from their families.

“We moved from Betul district to Bhopal to make modular kitchens. But we didn’t get any work and thus resorted to robbing women to earn money,” Vinita, who has studied till class 10, said.