Manipur community leaders hold talks on defusing crisis

Imphal, Dec 20 (IANS) Various community leaders of Manipur, at a public meeting here on Tuesday, underlined the need to call off the blockade and counter-blockade and hold talks to restore “harmony and peace”.

The meeting was organised at an Imphal hotel here by Sunita Netram, founder of Manipur Women Gun Survivors and Secretary General of Control Arms Foundation India, to take stock of the continuing stalemate.

Lawyers, academics, community leaders and social activists spoke during the meeting.

Many community leaders from hill areas reportedly did not come for the talks. Also there was no participation from the Manipur government in the meeting convened to resolve the crisis.

P. Sonamani, a retired police officer from Nagaland, said that it was not necessary because it was a Manipur issue and it should be settled within the state.

Meanwhile, the curfew here was relaxed for a few hours during the day, even as the number of torched vehicles rose to 40.