Manoj asks Lokesh Kumari to sleep on Swami Om’s bed in BiggBoss10

Mumbai,Nov10:Despite a clear denial from the contestants to bring back Swami Om, Bigg Boss turned a deaf ear to the contestants wish. Swami Om made an energetic and a crazy entry in the house last night. He danced on his self-composed song and went ahead to touch everyone’s feet. We wonder whether a sensible side to this self-proclaimed godman exists or not.

It is quite difficult to understand how normal discussions in the Bigg Boss house takes a noisy turn so easily. When Bigg Boss gave Swami Om a task to ‘Pardaphash’ the true face of the contestants, in no time, fights preceded by allegations began to erupt in the house. Swami Om’s allegations didn’t go well with any of the accused contestants. For the first time in the house, Gaurav Chopra took a stand against Swami Om’s obscene comments on the female contestants of Bigg Boss 10.

Lokesh — after being left alone by her friends Manveer and Manoj — spent some ‘me’ time in the house. She was seen singing an emotional track from a Bollywood flick. Swami Om, who was watching her from the secret room, was eager to know for whom is she singing but the singer in him accompanied Lokesh in the song. He even passed a comment on her saying all of this will not save her from getting eliminated from the house.

By the end of the episode, Manoj — who was earlier not talking to Lokesh — asked her to share the bed with Swami Om as there is a dearth of beds in the Bigg Boss house. She went to Bani J and Nitibha to discuss the matter and both of them told Lokesh not to do so