Manual scavenging horror: 8 residents of posh locality arrested on workers death

8 men arrested for their death

Bengaluru/ Jan 9: After three people died of asphyxia while they climbed down the manhole of a posh locality residential apartment, 8 members of ND Sepal Apartment Association, in Somasandra Palya were arrested on Tuesday.

Workers, Narayana Swamy (35), Mahadeva Gowda (42) and Srinivas (52) died sometime after they entered the manhole. All the arrested men work as techies for reputed companies and businessmen.

When Gowda passed away file being taken to the hospital, the bodies of other two workers were found from inside the manhole by the fire and emergency personnel.

Initially confused on who to be accused for the death, pressure from human rights activists, triggered the police to arrest the people who hired the contractors.

The law strictly prohibits hiring private cleaners to clean the septic tank if a pipe gets clogged while people are to inform the concerned government authorities.

People also remember that manual scavenging the technique of directly coming in contact with human excreta where usually the people hired do not use the required safety gear. Those breaking the law will be punishable by imprisonment upto two years or fine or both.