Marion Cotillard was only choice for ‘Allied’

Los Angeles, Nov 24 (IANS) Actress Marion Cotillard was filmmaker Robert Zemeckis’ “only choice” to portray French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour in “Allied”.

“I didn’t know this, but she had read the project a while back. I don’t even know if I was attached at that point. I offered it to her as soon as I became the director and she was my only choice. So I was thrilled she wanted to do it,” Zemeckis told told, reports

The 64-year-old filmmaker favours an economical approach to shooting a movie, and never goes out for more footage than he needs.

“They change in the editing room, but I don’t rearrange the story. I’m a very meticulous filmmaker. I shoot exactly what I need. I don’t shoot a bunch of stuff and then try to build the movie afterward. I don’t want to shoot any more than I absolutely have to,”he said.

The most “challenging” scene the director faced was the party, and it took months to prepare for the footage with a purpose-built set.

“There were some scenes that were more difficult. The climax took a while to do. Interestingly enough, for a directing standpoint, the most challenging scene from a directing standpoint was the party. There’s so much going on and that scene had to be laid out months in advance. We actually built the set to accommodate the story. The whole house was designed around how it would function to tell the story,” he said.