Marsden under consideration for ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Los Angeles, Jan 22 (IANS) Actor James Marsden is reportedly being eyed by the entertainment company DC Comic to star in “Green Lantern Corps” for the role of Hal Jordan.

According to a source, Marsden too is being considered to play one of two Green Lanterns in the upcoming movie, reports

“I’ve heard one more name too. Ever since ‘Westworld’, Marsden has been pretty hot around here. They’ve discussed him for Hal as well,” the source said.

The list of actors being considered include Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal, Armie Hammer, Bradley Cooper, Joel McHale and Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds played Hal Jordan in 2011’s “Green Lantern”.

While the company is busy trying to find the perfect actor to essay the role, they don’t have to seek far for the other Green Lantern, John Stewart.

Actor Sterling K. Brown made a public plea on Twitter to play the role of John Stewart in the upcoming movie.

Warner Bros and DC Comics tapped David Goyer and Justin Rhodes to write the script of “Green Lantern Corps”.

Unlike the previous adaptation “Green Lantern” which focused more on Hal Jordan, the upcoming movie is expected to focus on the Corps, the intergalactic police force formed to protect different sectors of the universe.