Martinez ‘never expected’ to divorce Berry

Los Angeles, Jan 1 (IANS) Actor Olivier Martinez is reportedly disappointed as his relationship with actress Halle Berry has officially ended.

The former couple’s divorce got finalised last week.

“He always hoped that they could work things out. He never expected to be divorced,” a source told

“He and Halle always had a very passionate relationship. There was a lot of arguing, but also a lot of love,” the source added.

Martinez has chosen to continue living in Los Angeles and take on smaller film projects so he can still be with his son Maceo.

The source said: “He loves being a dad. Olivier will continue to live in (Los Angeles) so he can spend as much time with his son.

“He has been working, but only on smaller projects. Olivier doesn’t want to do bigger projects that will keep him out of Los Angeles for a long time.”