Mass shootings at an anti-Trump rally in Seattle, Washington State

Washington, Nov 10: Mass shootings at an anti-Trump rally on Wednesday night in Seattle, Washington State.

Five people have been injured in shooting in Seattle, Washington, as hundreds of people took to the streets to protest US Republican candidate Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 US election, the city’s Fire Department reported. Two persons have reportedly been inflicted with life-threatening injuries.

The shooting took place at Pine Street and 3 Avenue. According to the Seattle Times, the anti-Trump march was simultaneously proceeding down “nearby streets.”

Police have arrived at the scene, the newspaper noted, without specifying whether the shooting is related to the ongoing rally.

Seattle police reported of multiple victims in the incident, promising to release more details “as they become available.” The investigation is underway.

Further details awaited.
Image: Seattle Fire Dept tweeted this picture of fire crews treating patients brought with gunshot wounds. Two of the five patients have life-threatening injuries.