Maternity clinic for rape survivors in London set up by Rape Victim herself

London, June 22: Pavan Amara is a nursing student  who was raped as a teenager. The incident gave us ample amount of courage to fight sexual violence and help rape victims.

Hence, she took a drastic step of introducing United Kingdom’s first ever maternity clinic for raped victims in London. The clinic is set to open next month in Britain’s capitol.

I didn’t want to be in a crowd; it affected my relationships, but the biggest thing it affected was my perception of my body and my body image. I felt terrible,” she told The Guardian.

The project is to help those who experience flashbacks of being assaulted while undergoing routine maternity tests and giving birth. The clinic set up by Pavan will provide mental support and courage after delivery, antenatal classes will also be offered and there will also be pre-conception care for those who aren’t pregnant yet.

Her clininc specializes in offering self-testing STI kits and a video tutorial to those women who wish to conduct the tests themselves. The results will be sent to them directly on their phone.

”The maternity clinic will cater to these women and – as is the case with the STI clinic – will offer the women complete control over how they would like to conduct the tests”, reports The Better India.

The 28-year-old started a project named My Body Back in 2016 after being raped in order to reach out to rape victims in London.

“A lot of women who didn’t have children were telling me that they wanted to have children, but they weren’t because they were worried that all these tests and this whole maternity experience would bring up what had happened in the past with the assault,” Amara told The Independent.

According to the estimation mentioned in TOI, WHO has declared that every 1 in 3 women faces secual violence in the world.