Matt LeBlanc to retire in his 50s

Los Angeles, Feb 28 (IANS) Actor Matt LeBlanc, who starred in the hit TV series “Friends”, has decided to retire in his early 50s.

LeBlanc turns 50 on July 25 and is starting to “take stock” of his life and wants to achieve everything he had ever planned to do in his professional life in near future, reports

The actor wanted to have a more “personal life” with his 13-year-old daughter Marina, whom he has with his former wife Melissa McKnight.

“I want to retire in my early fifties,” LeBlanc said on the set of his motoring show “Top Gear”.

“I want everything set up. Otherwise you look and go ’50! Whooo, where did that go?’ I’m beginning to take stock. I want retirement accomplished,” he added.