This medicine Baba collects unused medicines to give to unprivileged

New Delhi, May 17: This 70-year-old medicine Baba of Delhi walks 7 to 8 kilometeres daily collect left over medicines from rich houses of the city. His aim is to build up a medicine bank which provides free medicine for the poor.
Medicine Baba, whose original is Omkarnath Sharma is a retired blood bank technician.
“Your left over medicines are to be donated, thousands of people suffer unable to buy medicines,” Baba says.
“Usually people don’t even know that there are lot of unused medicines lying around in their homes,” Baba adds.
He has been doing this since 2008, that when an under-construction Delhi Metro bridge he saw lots of injured people suffering without medicines. “That was my inspiration for this. I thought people did not get proper treatment due to lack of medicines in government hospitals. On the other hand people waste left over medicines. So I thought to collect them,” Baba said.
That is how Baba began his journey to achieve a medicine bank.
Every day morning, he travels in and around Delhi to make a door to door visit to collect medicines. Over the years he could gain some regular contributors who informs him if they have any medicines left. Some used to contribute him buying from medical shops.
“It is very difficult to walk and travel every day at this age but to achieve my aim I have to struggle a lot. Till I am able to walk I will do this,” Baba says with full confidence.
Baba also keenly checks all the medicines he gets, He used to check the expiry dates and safety of the medicines. “I maintain a record of all the medicines I collect,” he added.
Baba store the medicines in a small room of his rented houses. People who are need of medicines and cannot afford can approach him at any point of time and he will give medicines for free.