Meet the actual ‘Parle-G Girl’ ; This teenager has eaten nothing but Parle-G biscuits only in all her life

Belagavi, Sep 06: It wouldn’t be wrong to call Ramawwa a real-life “Parle-G Girl”. The 18-year-old from Belagavi, Karnataka, has been having only Parle-G biscuits since her birth. In fact, the first food she had ever tasted was Parle-G biscuits mixed with cow milk as she was never breastfed by her mother.

Ramawwa eats about six to seven packets of biscuits a day and refuses to try any other food item. Although her twin brother was also fed the same concoction, he later grew out of it.

Her parents are agricultural workers in the Talakatnal village and do not have the financial means to pay for her medical treatment. The girl has confessed that she has no idea what she would do if the brand stops manufacturing her favourite biscuits, according to local reports.

Meanwhile, the Lake View Hospital started a study on Ramawwa and made several attempts to feed her something else but failed. She point blank denied their help. All she wants is Parle-G and even another brand of biscuits won’t do.

Ramawwa’s health is all good for now, except that lack of nutrients have made her look younger than her actual age. According to The Indian Express, Dr.Sonwalkar of the Lake View Hospital has suggested a psychological counseling. Her deep-seated fear that normal food might harm is what keeps her addiction going strong.