Meghalaya women’s group opposes CM’s new security advisor

Shillong, March 5 (IANS) The Civil Society Women’s Organisation (CSWO) on Sunday strongly opposed the appointment of former state police chief Rajiv Mehta as the Security Advisor to Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma.

“We strongly object this illegal move, where public funds will be wasted just to accommodate a few corrupt officials,” CSWO President Agnes Kharshiing said.

On March 3, the Meghalaya cabinet approved the appointment of Mehta, a former Meghalaya police chief, as the Security Advisor to the Chief Minister.

“What security advice can the former DGP (Director General of Police) provide to the state, when he could not even determine the murder of his own official (L) P.J. Marbaniang and accepted the findings as suicide,” Agnes Kharshiing said.

According to CSWO, there are a few senior officials in the police department who are capable of giving sound security advice and “not like some who advise to benefit a few and create tension and fear to all”.

It asked the government not to “dilly dally” in appointing a full-fledged Director General of Police in the state.

The CSWO said that it vehemently opposed the state government move to appoint retired officials in any department, as this creates a gap to stop others who are due for promotions and the many youths who are in need of a job, and this directly also violates their constitutional rights.

“Rules are clearly laid down and anything contrary which could have been accommodated to fit the corrupt should be scrapped as nothing unjustified can be accepted in any state of governance, where public too have their opinions which those in governance have to observe and take,” Kharshiing added.