Mel Gibson’s age concerns

Los Angeles, Nov 5 (IANS) Actor Mel Gibson says that the 34-year age gap between himself and his girlfriend “might cause a problem”.

The 60-year-old is very happy with 26-year-old Rosealind Ross, who is pregnant with his ninth child, but he has a “trepidation” about their relationship because of the age difference, reports

“Regarding age and relationships, it’s just a number. We dig each other. She is an adult and we dig each other. It might cause a problem and one has a trepidation about these things, but it’s working out great,” Gibson said.

“She is a really special person. I dig her. So there you go. That’s it. What more can one ask?” he added.

Gibson has children, Hannah, 36, Christian and Edward, both 34, William, 31, Louis, 28, Milo, 26, and Thomas, 17, who he has from his marriage to Robyn Moore, as well as six-year-old Luna with Oksana.