Microsoft India announces the launch of Kaizala

Microsoft India announces the launch o Kaizala

Mumbai, Jul 27: Microsoft India today announced the launch of Microsoft Kaizala, a mobile-only product designed for large group communications and work management. Microsoft Kaizala makes it simple for organisations to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and complete tasks, bringing together desktop users and mobile-only users who may be within or outside their organizations.

Microsoft India also announced the launch of its enterprise version, Kaizala Pro that allows organizations to have full administrative control of their groups. Organisations in India are becoming more dispersed, and as a result, connectivity with their extended teams and partners is crucial. This is evident across industries, ranging from construction, manufacturing, insurance and healthcare to retail.

Microsoft Kaizala helps organizations connect with large numbers of people inside and outside their organization, easily coordinate tasks across the value chain, and gain actionable insights. Microsoft Kaizala users can simply get connected using their mobile phone numbers as their primary unique ID. Microsoft Kaizala is powered by Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform. The product is enterprise ready. Microsoft is deeply aligned to the vision of Digital India and sees technology playing a pivotal role in India’s accelerated growth. Microsoft Kaizala aims to connect this mobile-first and mobile-only work force and enable collaboration and work management. ‘The Digital India initia ive is focused on harnessing technology to help India transform.

Microsoft Kaizala, a made for India product, brings together the two disparate worlds of mobile only messaging apps and a digitally integrated modern workplace. The product will make it possible for organizations to interact with everyone both within and outside, seamlessly and with rich content. Microsoft Kaizala has been optimized for 2G networks to enable connectivity in remote locations and offers features with offline support.’said Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India. ‘We are excited to launch Microsoft Kaizala for Indian customers today,’ Mr. Maheshwari added.