Migratory birds with avian influenza at Mysuru Zoo may have flown from Kerala

Migratory birds with avian influenza at Mysuru Zoo may have flown from Kerala

MYSURU,Jan5: The migratory birds that were found dead due to avian influenza at Mysuru Zooin late December were believed to have flown from Kerala, which is a regular seasonal movement for breeding. Just three months ago, the virus was noticed in birds in coastal Alappuzha district in Kerala.

On December 28, two spot-billed pelicans and four greylag geese, which were migratory birds and not part of the zoo stock, died in a pond inside the Mysuru Zoo.
Alert authorities immediately sent the samples, including water from the pond to the animal husbandry lab in Mysuru. This was later sent to National Institute of High Security Animal Disease (NIHSAD), where it confirmed that the birds were infected with avian influenza (H5N8).

 Zoo authorities believe that the infected birds may have migrated from Kerala. Migration is a seasonal movement of birds for breeding.
 “A huge flock of birds from Kerala migrate to Mysuru Zoo, Karanji Lake, Ranganathittu Birds Sanctuary and others places, which has conducive environment for their breeding. The migration also depends on the crop pattern. As the harvesting of paddy crops is over in Kerala, the migratory birds are attracted to standing paddy crops in Mysuru region,” said zoo veterinarian Dr Ramesh.

Meanwhile, Mysuru Zoo authorities, who have announced the closure of zoo till February 2 on the direction from animal husbandry department, have taken up spraying disinfectant of the entire premises.