Mike Pence casts his ballot in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Nov 8 (IANS) US Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence and his wife, Nancy, cast their ballots in US presidential election on Tuesday.

The couple walked from the Governor’s mansion, a few miles outside of Indianapolis, to a polling centre a block away, according to CNN Politics. They arrived shortly before noon at the St. Thomas Aquinas School, The Washington Post reported.

The two took a morning bike ride earlier “to kick off Election Day”, Pence wrote in a tweet.

Pence’s running mate, Donald Trump, cast his ballot at about 11 a.m. at a polling centre in Manhattan.

On Sunday, Pence told host Chris Wallace on Fox News that the Trump campaign will “accept a clear election outcome”.

“Donald Trump is going to win this election. He will be more than happy to accept the results,” Pence said.

“Chris, the campaign — yes, the campaign has made it very clear, that, you know, a clear — a clear outcome obviously both sides will accept. But I think both campaigns have also been very clear that, you know, in the event of disputed results, they reserve all legal rights and remedies,” he added.