Minor son of servant beaten up by former IAS officer from Bhopal for allegedly stealing watch from SUV

Minor son of servant beaten up by former IAS officer from Bhopal for allegedly stealing watch from SUV

BHOPAL,May11: A family residing in servant quarters of a retired IAS officer’s residence has alleged that their minor son was thrashed by the former officer. They also claimed that the police have booked the boy for stealing a costly watch from the SUV. Both of them have, however, denied the charge.

SHO of Baghsevania police station Lalit Singh said that retired IAS officer Manish Shrivastava had filed a complaint with the police on Tuesday that the son of their servant had taken their SUV a few days back without informing them. He had claimed that valuables and watch kept in the vehicle were missing.

The officer told the cops that he had inquired with the servant’s family but got no reply. Hence, he moved the police. On Wednesday, Sohan Rajak brought his accused son to the police station. During investigation, Rajak assured that the valuables missing from the vehicle will be returned safely to the owner by Wednesday evening.

On the other hand accused’s mother Parwati claimed that former IAS officer had thrashed her son on Tuesday and later locked him in a room. On Wednesday her son was taken to police station where he was beaten black and blue by the cops. She claimed that her son was currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital due to the injuries sustained during beating.

The police have denied her claim and said that the family was making a fake story. Retired IAS Manish Shrivastava informed Free Press that on Tuesday he had filed the complaint with the police that the boy had taken their SUV without permission and had also stolen two watches worth Rs 32,500.

He also added that the accused was involved in various unlawful activities and on several occasions in the past had taken away their SUV in the night only to return in the morning. Shrivastava said that on Tuesday morning, he received a message on WhatsApp that the accused and his six friends were travelling in his SUV. He also denied claim of accused’s mother that he had beaten up the boy and locked him in a room.