Miss Iceland hits out at beauty pageant owner for shaming her to be too fat by quitting pageant

Reykjavik,Oct27:Miss Iceland Arna Yr Jonsdottir, a former gymnast from Reykjavik, who decided to quit a beauty pageant rather than be shamed for her beautiful body.
Reportedly, a ‘spokesperson’ from the pageant asked Miss Iceland 2016, Arna Yr Jonsdottir, to “stop eating breakfast, eat just salad for lunch and drink water every evening until the contest,” because the owner of the pageant found her too fat.

In a farewell letter addressed to Nawat Itsaragrisil–Miss Grand International founder and Thai TV presenter–shared by the 20-year-old on her Instagram page, Miss Iceland revealed that she was asked to lose weight right before the finals. “Your staff told me that I had to loose weight for the finals because I have too much fat on me and also to big shoulders. They told me to eat less and then you would like me more (sic).”
The beauty, who has already won two beauty pageants in the past–Miss Iceland 2015, Miss EM 2016–besides being placed 14th in Miss World, decided to hit back at her critics.

Instead of facing further humiliation, Miss Iceland decided to bow out gracefully and shared her decision on Instagram in a strongly worded letter.
“In my country my body shape is perfect. And that’s what I’m gonna remember. No one will ever tell me anything else,” she wrote.
In a time when the movement to support all skin colours, shapes and sizes is huge, the pageant’s ability to call out a healthy and strong woman on the basis of her body weight seemed nothing short of regressive.

“I truly hope that the organisation opens their eyes because the year is 2016 and if you are gonna held an international pageant you have to be able to see the international beauty, she added.
In this day and age, the whole idea of crowning women the most beautiful in the world, on the basis of their lithe bodies and chiselled faces continues to stick out as an outdated concept, yet we can only applaud heroines like Miss Iceland, Arna Yr Jonsdottir who choose to raise their voices.

Not long ago, US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, had also been criticised by former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for fat-shaming her by calling her Miss Piggy, after she gained weight post her win.

Revealing the embarrassment Trump put her through, Machado’s act of gaining US citizenship in order to vote against Trump in the upcoming elections was received with widespread applause in America.

Funny how men seem to believe that they have all the right in the world to comment on women’s bodies!

Miss Iceland started her response to Nawat by writing, “I am a very strong woman, but sometimes my strength isn’t enough.”
Believe us, it is, and for that we are thankful to you after all, in the end, her immense show of strength was probably an embarrassingly tight slap in the face of the pageant’s organisers.