Misusing Freedom of the Press a criminal offence, media shall be responsible to govt,  says PM Narendra Modi

During the last five days, PM Modi seems to have changed his card – from development to emotional.

New Delhi, November 6: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said it is a criminal offence to misuse freedom of the press.

Media have to focus on sustaining the credibility as well as to take part in healthy competitions, he added while speaking at the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the Tamil Daily Dina Thandi.

Media has power. But if they misuse that power it would be a criminal offence. Media has to be responsible for the system of law and the elected government. Nowadays, media are roaming around Politics.

India does not mean politics only.  The 125 crores of Indian people is actually making it India. I would be happy id media give importance to problems faced and success of the common people, Added Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As news comes from different sources, people have to strive hard to distinguish which one is right. So Media organisations must give more importance to ensure the accuracy of any news. Healthy competition is helpful for democracy. Though the media are managed by individuals, they fulfil a common aim.

Media are a good tool to make renaissance through peace. And thus media shall have the responsibility to the law of the land and to the elected government, said Prime Minister narendra Modi.