MK Stalin named the political heir of DMK leader Karunanidhi

We will oppose Palanisamy in floor test: MK Stalin.

Chennai, October 20: DMK chief M Karunanidhi has named M K Stalin as his political heir.

This lead to another twist in the family fight over the control of DMK, the already snubbed brother M K Alagiri was further pushed to the back, reports

To do the day-to-day activities, Karunanidhi is already depending on Stalin as he is getting old and become unable to run the party on his own.

As Karunanidhi did not allot him any important task during the last state election, Alagiri had announced a split from the party. but that time the election was won by Jayalalitha’s AIADMK.

This new development had also become a shock for Alagiri, as he missed all chances to get any important role in the party.

DMK pulled out of the ruling UPA on 20 March 2013 following widespread protests in Tamil Nadu against the central government for not taking up the concerns of Tamils in Sri Lanka in the UN resolution against the alleged human rights violation against Tamils by Sri Lankan government. Azhagiri resigned from his ministry along with other ministers from DMK.

There was a brief controversy when Azhagiri did not accompany the contigency led by T.R. Baalu, the head of MPs from the DMK party, to tender resignation in the Prime minister’s office and to hand over the letter of withdrawal to the President on 20 March 2013.

It was claimed as a mark of protest against his father Karunanidhi’s decision to pull out from the central ministry. Some sources claim he delayed his resignation as he was not kept in the loop while taking the decision. Following his resignation, Srikanth Jena was appointed the minister of Chemical and Fertilizers.