Mob vandalises police vehicle in West Bengal

Kolkata, Feb 17 (IANS) A mob vandalised a police vehicle and manhandled the personnel in West Bengal’s Birbhum district on Friday accusing the cops of intentionally hitting a bike from behind for not paying fine.

However, the police maintained that they never chased or hit the bike and claimed that the locals misunderstood their role in the incident.

The situation got heated following a bike accident with four riders in Birbhum district’s Suri on Friday morning.

The locals hurled bricks at the police car and shattered the windscreen with iron rods. Some agitators even tried to torch the vehicle, police said.

According to the accident victim Jagadish Mondal (40), who was riding the bike with his wife and two kids, police chased their bike and deliberately hit it from behind for not paying the fine.

“Police chased us with the patrolling van as we were not able to pay Rs 1,000 spot fine and hit us from behind. All they are concerned about is money. They don’t care for our lives. Me and one of my kid sustained injuries in the incident,” Mondal alleged.

But the police gave a different version.

“The bike was initially stopped as it had four riders and none of them were wearing helmets. But the police van never chased the bike as they were busy checking other vehicles on the road. The police is being wrongly accused in the incident,” an officer from Chandrapur police station said.

“The villagers attacked the van when it reached the accident spot and tried to take the victims to the hospital. They must be under some misconception that police caused the accident,” he said.

The officer said a case has been registered against the attackers for vandalising police property.

“A case has been lodged against the attackers in Suri police station. Action would be taken,” he added.