Modi has forgotten sanctity of his office: Congress comparison

New Delhi [India], Dec. 23 (ANI): The Congress party on Friday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for comparing the opposition to Pakistan saying, the former has forgotten to maintain sanctity of his position.
"Prime Minister has even forgotten to maintain the sanctity of his position. Instead of giving a direct answer to the charges made by Rahul Gandhi, he is trying to escape by making such statements," said Shobha Oza.
Oza further said the prime minister must have the courage to come forward and answer the charges made by Rahul.
Another Congress leader, Meem Afzal, said, "This is very shameful that the prime minister is also trying to play the same politics which is played by their party's small leaders like Giriraj Kishore. I think the prime minister should not try to become like Giriraj Kishore. I am shocked that he is trying to go down from the position that he is holding," he said.
On Thursday, Prime Minister Modi said he had never imagined that some political parties, some political leaders would shamelessly take sides with the dishonest.
He further compared the opposition din during the winter session of the parliament to "cover fire" provided by Pakistan to "push infiltrators into India".
Commenting on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said his speech held no relevance.
"Since the time he has learnt how to speak, there is no extent to my happiness. Till 2009, there was no clue as to what is inside the packet (Gandhi). Better that he started speaking, at least we came to know that there is no scope of earthquake occurring," said Modi.
The Prime Minister opined that the opposition's criticism is actually benefitting them, because by doing so they re exposing themselves and the "black heart" of people is coming to light, in front of people. (ANI)