Modi’s adopted village descends to darkness

Modi's adopted village descends to darkness

Jayapur/Varanasi, January 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s adopted village- Jayapur in Varanasi district descends to darkness after the lights were stolen from the streets. The village was extensively illuminated with solar streetlights a years back when it was adopted by the prime minister.

135 streetlights, backed by solar batteries, were installed in various junctions and streets of the village, out of which batteries of at least 80 lights were reportedly stolen.

The Prime minister announced his decision to adopt Jayapur in November 2014 and the streetlights were installed within a few months of announcement.

The villagers started noticing missing batteries from 2016. The village head of Jayapur, Srinarayan Patel had found 50 batteries missing and he immediately lodged a compliant at the police outpost of the village and he also notified the Rohania police about the theft. He added that he approached the police for a second time when another 30 batteries were stolen and but no action was taken by them.

The solar streetlights were jointly installed by private companies and a public sector bank as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The batteries have not been installed even after years of the incident and the village continues to remain in gloom.