Monika Khurde was smothered to death: Police

Panaji, Oct 8 (IANS) Celebrity perfumer Monika Khurde was suffocated to death, a senior police officer said on Saturday, even as confirmation of whether she was also raped will have to wait until more forensic enquiry.

Speaking to reporters, Goa Police Deputy Inspector General Vimal Gupta said that initial forensic reports confirmed that Khurde, 39, a native of Nagpur, died due to asphyxia, which means oxygen deprivation leading to suffocation.

“We have got some post-mortem reports. They indicate that the death is due to asphyxia which was caused due to compression of the neck and mouth,” Gupta told reporters here.

Khurde was found dead in her three bedroom apartment in Sangolda village, located around 10 km from Panaji. She was found partially clothed, with her hands and feet tied to the bed.

Asked whether there was confirmation of whether the victim was raped before being murdered, Gupta said: “Vaginal swabs have been taken, but reports are due. Whether there is rape or not, will be confirmed only after the reports come in.”