Moon will start to flaunt ‘Blood Moon’ colour by early Wednesday

Moon will start to flaunt 'Blood Moon' colour by early Wednesday

If you are residing in the United States, you can view the big, red moon like a fully grown rose in the early morning blue sky.

The eclipse is known as a “blood moon” and it occurs as the moon slides behind Earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse. Unlike last summer’s solar eclipse — where the moon momentarily blocked out the sun — a lunar eclipse is when Earth moves in between the sun and the moon. For an hour, half of the earth’s population will see the moon in a coppery colour.

Lunar specialists say it will be a blue moon, or the second full moon of the month and a supermoon because it will closer to the earth than usual though the difference is not noticeable. But at the same time, they say, it will also be a red moon which in other words mean blue moon is just a metaphorical term used and not a visual characterisation of the moon.

Lunar eclipses are not uncommon, but the coincidence of Wednesday’s blood moon with other astronomical events is what makes this event special.

Skygazers in Australia and eastern Asia will be able to watch the event on Wednesday night as the moon rises.