More than 3,500 attacks on refugees in Germany in 2016: Report

Berlin, Feb 27 (IANS) More than 3,500 attacks on refugees and refugee hostels were committed in 2016, a new German report has revealed.

According to the preliminary report by German interior ministry, the attacks on individual migrants were 2,545, while the attacks on housing were 988 and those on refugee organisations and volunteers stood at 217, Xinhua news agency quoted the local media reports as saying.

The attacks left 560 people injured, including 43 children.

The report might fuel the debate on whether Germany is capable of keeping the refugees safe as Germany is also struggling to process loads of asylum applications, while fears are high that terrorists might infiltrate and threaten the security.

German governing political blocs have been highly sensitive in treating the refugee-related issues, as they might steer the course of the coming federal election in September.