Moroccan pizza chef sentenced to six years in jail on terror conspiracy charges

Rome, Nov 25 : A court here on Thursday sentenced Moroccan pizza chef Abderrahim El Khalfi to six years, two months and 20 days in prison for conspiring to carry out international terror attacks and for online proselytism.

Prosecutors had asked for a 12-year prison term for El Khalfi.

El Khalfi, 38, was arrested in Rome in July 2015 on suspicion of belonging to a jihadist cell plotting attacks in Italy and in North Africa.

At the time of El Khalfi’s arrest, Italian authorities issued international arrest warrants for two other suspected cell members, fellow Moroccan Mohammed Majene, 28, and Tunisian Ahmed Masseoudi, 30.

Majene was the ideologue of the jihadist website ’17ur’ which Masseoudi coordinated while El Khalfi played a financial role, according to prosecutors.