Morocco dispatches inspection mission to its embassy in Madagascar

Rabat, Nov 22 (IANS/MAP) The Moroccan government has dispatched an inspection team to its mission in Madagascar capital Antananarivo following “cross-checked” information regarding acts of wrongdoing by former ambassador to the island country, Mohammed Amar.

The decision on Monday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to send the inspection mission, which also includes members of the General Inspectorate of Finance, “is based on cross-checked information that the former ambassador to Madagascar allegedly misappropriated funds, on the occasion of humanitarian operations in favour of the Madagascan people”, the Ministry said in a statement which was cited by MAP news agency.

The ambassador, who held this post since 2006, also allegedly made “acts of interference in the country’s internal affairs, in violation of diplomatic practices and in contradiction with the Moroccan diplomatic tradition”, the statement added.

Former Moroccan ambassador to Madagascar Mohammed Amar also reportedly “discriminated against the non-Muslim communities of the country, without respecting the ethnic and religious diversity of Madagascar, nor the values of openness and tolerance advocated by the Muslim religion and promoted by (Moroccan) King Mohammed VI”, the statement said.