Morocco King launches projects for old Medina’s ‘rebirth’

Rabat, Jan 11 (IANS/MAP) Morocco King Mohammed VI has launched several projects aimed at preserving the historical heritage of the old Medina of Marrakech and reinforcing its tourist and international character.

Mohammed VI launched the second phase of the programme, which includes developing the surroundings of old Medina’s city walls, an upgrading of Zraib neighbourhood and constructing community facilities in the El Mellah neighbourhood.

An integral part of development plan “Marrakech, City of Continuous Renewal”, these different projects carry a new ambition for the old Medina, and are aimed at improving the city’s buildings, preserve its historical tangible and intangible heritage, and ameliorate population’s access to basic services.

The first phase of the project is under way and stretches from Bab Hmer to Agdal Gardens.

The Zraib neighbourhood urban upgrading programme consists of repairing run-down houses, demolishing run-down buildings, restoring five mausoleums and some parts of city walls, renovating buildings’ facades and developing “Bad Lakhemiss” park.

In the El Mellah neighbourhood, the “Miaara” square would be further developed, a daycare would be constructed along with a club for the elderly and a centre for women.

These facilities fall within the framework of the implementation of the 2nd phase of the El Mellah neighbourhood urban upgrading program which is meant to preserve the Jewish component of the Moroccan identity and promote the values of tolerance and openness.