Moscow anti doping lab chief tried to induce athletes to take unknown substances

MOSCOW, November 30. Former director of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, who after taking refuge in the United States declared that he had eliminated some doping samples, had been trying to induce athletes into taking unknown substances, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Ilya Lazutov, said on Wednesday.

 “Rodchenkov is known to have been persuading them to take substances possessing unknown properties,” he said, adding that testimonies to that effect had been made by several athletes whose names he was unable to disclose.

The IC believes that “some criminal schemes may have been involved.”

“He may well have created and led a criminal ring,” Lazutov said.

He voiced surprise how one could believe Rodchenkov’s claims.

“We are utterly curious how one can believe allegations by someone suspected of committing criminal offenses,” Lazutov said.