Mosque could be constructed in Ayodhya at a fair distance from Ram Janmabhoomi, Shia Waqf Board to SC

New Delhi, August 8: Uttar Pradesh’s Shia Waqf Board filed an affidavit towards the Supreme Court stating that a mosque could be constructed at Ayodhya district in Uttar Pradesh at a fair distance from the birthplace of Lord Ram “Ram Janmabhoomi”.

The Board mentioned in its plea that Babri Masjid belonged to Shia Waqf. It is the only way through which the Babri Masjid-Ram Temple dispute could be arrived at a peaceful and negotiable settlement. The Board has also asked time from the apex court to form a committee in order to find the ways to settle down the dispute. The Board’s submission of plea was followed by the hearing of the debatable case in SC on August 11.

Shia Central Waqf Board recently took a decision to demarcate the dilapidated Babri Masjid site at Ayodhya, which marks a turning point in the Ayodhya dispute. Shia Board have decided to confront an order, made by Faizabad court in 1946, which states that the Babri Masjid belonged to the Sunni Central Waqf Board. The Board alleges that earlier Shia and Sunni have worked together and had deliberately lost the case.

With the controversies prevailing, Wasim Rizvi, Chairman of the Shia Waqf Board asserts that Babri Masjid was already the property of Shia Waqf Board, which he claims to be the deserved owner.