Mosul Battle : Iraqi forces take control of neighbourhoods in eastern Mosul

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Baghdad, Nov 3 :  Iraqi forces on Thursday took control of Kukjeli and al-Qudis neighbourhoods of eastern Mosul and were at the gates of al-Karama district where they clashed with Islamic State (IS) militants, a security official said.

Spokesperson of the Iraqi anti-terrorist forces Sabah al-Numani told Efe news that the army was currently clearing Kukjeli area of explosives and some 70 devices have been already removed so far.

Once the explosives left by IS are deactivated, the Iraqi forces will continue their mission in al-Qudis and regroup to attack al-Karama, according to the spokesperson.

These developments came two days after the Iraqi army entered Kukjeli and took control over the local television headquarters of Mosul, forcing most radical fighters to withdraw from the eastern part of the city.

On the other hand, the Iraqi forces were now preparing to attack the village of Sada Bauiza, adjacent to Mosul, Mohamed al-Bayati, Nineveh province security chief, told Efe news.

The Iraqi army also regained full control of the Iraqi town of al- Abbasiya, 2 km northeast of Sada Bauiza.

Iraqi and Kurdish ‘Peshmerga’ troops began an extensive offence last October 17 to snatch Mosul and IS-controlled territories in Nineveh province.