Mother who live-streamed taping her son to wall arrested

New York, Jan 20 (IANS) The 18-year-old Shayla Rudolph of Ohio who live-streamed the video of taping her two-year-old son to the wall has been arrested and charged with third abducting the boy, media reports said.

According to a report in FOX28, Rudolph’s charges followed after the nearly 20-minute live video with her two-year-old taped to the wall was brought to the attention of police.

Detectives in Ohio had viewed the Facebook video on earlier this week, and the 18-year-old was arrested at her home on January 19 morning, and the child taken into custody by Children’s Services.

The video shows a child crying in the background and then taped to the wall, with his head and arms affixed. His ankles and mouth also seemed taped.

The mother is then shown walking around a home, explaining how her son misbehaved and telling viewers, “Parents don’t need to whoop the kids. All you got to do is tape them to the wall.”

“On January 5, Children’s Services says they contacted Rudolph about the video, which she claimed was a joke. Days later, another live video was posted with Rudolph telling viewers she heard from Children’s Services and was now disciplining her son by having him stand in a corner,” the report noted.

In the video, the accused is is heard saying that it was her son and she could hang him upside down if she wanted to.