Mulayam Singh’s second wife into power struggle politics in UP against CM Akhilesh Yadav

The letter alleged that Sadhna Gupta tried to stop Akhilesh from becoming CM. It reads, “Although Akhilesh Yadav’s step-mother herself remained behind the picture, Shivpal Yadav came forward as her political face. He started contacting senior party leaders to prevent this.”

Singh, a member of the legislative council, also attacked state SP chief and Mulayam’s brother Shivpal Yadav for being the “political front” of the CM’s stepmother. He also cautioned Mulayam against the “conspiracies being hatched in his family against his elder son”.

The four-page letter of the MLC, who was elected from the SP-stronghold of Etah-Mainpuri, marked a major escalation.

It is the the first time that a party functionary has asked Mulayam to make way for his son and suggested that the conflict in the party is linked to a feud in the Yadav clan involving the CM and his stepmother.

It states that efforts to discredit Akhilesh began after Mulayam proposed his name for the CM’s post. With a subhead, “Personal jealousy against CM”, a section of the letter reads: “As this information came out in the open that you want Akhilesh to become the CM, conspiracies were hatched within the family.

Though Akhilesh’s step-mother herself remained behind the scenes, Shivpal came forward as her political face and started contacting senior party leaders to prevent this.”

Udayveer further alleged that Mulayam, under pressure from the anti-Akhilesh group, pulled up the CM several times in full public view. Akhilesh, being an obedient son, did not react, he said.

 Claiming that “outsiders” have always exploited such family crises, the letter seeks reinstatement of expelled leaders and full power to Akhilesh to run the party, referring to the precedent set by the party earlier. “When you were chief minister, you had the power to take all decisions related to the party. Similarly, you should consider giving full control of the party to Akhilesh Yadavji,” the letter concludes.
It also looked set to roil further party’s troubled waters with another MLC Ashu Malik firing a retaliatory salvo against Udayveer.
Malik suggested that Udayveer’s letter was as an “unacceptable” insult to party supremo Mulayam Singh. He said those who were pointing fingers at the SP patriarch were sycophants and will not hesitate to attack Akhilesh Yadav in future for political gains.

Akhilesh Yadav is the son of Mulayam Singh from his first wife.

It is being said, that Amar Singh facilitated the marriage between Mulayam Singh and Sadhna Gupta.

People came to know about Mulayam Singh’s second wife when in 2007 he filed an affidavit in Supreme Court related to his income.

In this very affidavit, he mentioned Sadhna Gupta as his wife.

Name of Sadhna’s son is Prateek Yadav who’s wife is Aparna Yadav.

It is being said that this time she may fight Vidhan Sabha election.