Mumbai Rains: Train, flight services resume services, Dadar’s vegetable market deserted

Mumbai Rains: Train, flight services resume services, Dadar's vegetable market deserted.

Mumbai/Maharashtra, August 30: Mumbai’s heavy flooding that disrupted the daily life of Mumbaikars yesterday, also put a break to local greengrocers’ business. While most of the train and flight services have resumed services.

A day after the flash flood, the otherwise busy vegetable market of Dadar was deserted on Wednesday as the sellers sat awaiting customers.

The local sellers said that the rains not only spoilt the vegetables but also thwarted the supply of fresh vegetables that led to customers leaving the market.

The customers said that the market was not only lacking in fresh vegetables due to the rains, but the scattered dirt and garbage was also turning away people.

Although there has been no change in vegetable prices, sellers expect a rise with the dip in supply. (ANI)