Mumbai slum dwellers to turn their shanties into homes

Mumbai slum dwellers to turn their shanties into homes

Mumbai,April11:The city will likely get optional methods for slum rehabilitation to boost development. A state government-appointed planning committee’s report on the Revised Draft Development Plan 2034 (RDDP) has proposed an alternative model to slum upgradation and redevelopment. It allows for a government agency to facilitate slum upgradation, offering a choice to slum dwellers to self-upgrade their homes, instead of waiting for developers to take up redevelopment projects.

The planning committee has prepared the report after hearing around 10,000 suggestions and objections on the city’s Development Plan (DP), which was submitted to the Mayor in March. It is expected to be cleared during the general body meeting of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in May.

The report states that in the last 26 years, the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has been able to construct about 1.60 lakh homes as against the need for over 15 lakh homes. At the current rate, it will take close to 250 years to provide appropriate housing to all slum dwellers, it states.

The committee has suggested slum upgradation, which entails upgrading slum pockets from informal settlements to formal housing (pukka houses).

It has also proposed a three-tier planning process to be undertaken by SRA — the formulation of a general slum upgradation DCR for Mumbai, ward-level slum upgradation committee, and layout plan preparation through an empanelled architect and urban planner.

A senior official from SRA, on the condition anonymity said, “The report also suggests a planning authority with a three-tier planning process to be undertaken by the SRA.


  • Residents will be encouraged to upgrade their homes in three years through a system of incentives.
  • Government to facilitate funds for slum dwellers.
  • SRA to form Planning Authority with a 3-tier planning process.
  • SRA will activate a mechanism to provide basic infrastructure.
  • DP reservation through accommodation reservation.