Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) generated 324 e-challans to violators who broke traffic rules using CCTV challan system

Mumbai,Oct6:Within 24 hours of the launch of the CCTV Challan system, the Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) generated 324 e-challans to violators who broke traffic rules. Violators are intrigued by the SMSes coming to them over their cellphones.

Joint Commissioner of Police, Milind Bharambe said, “Within just 24 hours, we have generated 324 challans and the helpline numbers are already ringing with queries. The citizens will take some time to get used to the idea of challans coming to them over their phones. We are hoping that the numbers of violators reduce gradually.”

A day after the system was launched, doubts spurred up among citizens. One of them was an example of the owner of the vehicle and the violator being separate— who would the challan be sent to? Explaining the process, Bharambe said,“In this case the owner of the vehicle will have to report to the police. The police will then verify the details and will also check the CCTV footage after which the action will be taken.”

The MTP has so far collected data of 15 lakh vehicles listed with the RTO in Mumbai. However, in case of a changed mobile number or address, how will the MTP penalise the violator? Addressing the query, Bharambe said, “We will be sending the challan to the previous number itself. However, we will wait for the violator to get caught in the nakabandi. The current system that we have launched is equipped such that as soon as the traffic personnel feeds in the vehicle number of the violator, the system will show the past violations and with the POC machine, the violator will have to pay the dues via debit, credit card or payment gateways.”

While civilians will be penalised for violations, the BEST drivers too will not be spared from the fines. Bharambe added, “In case a BEST bus driver or a public servant’s vehicle is listed with a violation, the driver will have to pay the fine himself, the government would not pay for it.