Mumbai’s Wockhardt hospital facilitates cadaver organ donation

Mumbai Wockhardt hospital facilitates cadaver organ donation

Mumbai ,Dec27 :The family of a 44-year-old government employee donates his liver and two kidneys following him being declared brain death, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, became the 20th city hospital to facilitate cadaver organ donation. About 32 hospitals in the city are registered for organ donation, of which only 20 have facilitated the process this year.

The wife of the deceased agreed to donate his liver and two kidneys after being counselled. “The patient suffered from a brain bleed and was brought to us Sunday night. By then he was already brain dead,” said Dr Parag Rindani, head of Wockhardt Hospital.

While one of his kidneys went to a patient registered at the same hospital, the second kidney was transplanted into a patient in Jupiter Hospital, Thane, and the liver was transplanted into a patient at Global Hospital, Parel.

“Organs were retrieved at around 3 am, Tuesday. It was a case of spontaneous brain bleed, as is seen in some cases of patients with a history of hypertension,” explained Dr Rindani.

The patient was first taken to a government hospital in Mumbai Central, after he complained of a headache. He was later moved to a private hospital, as he needed to be put on a ventilator. In his lifetime, the deceased had pledged for liver donation. However, his wife was initially hesitant to approve the procedure. After counselling, she consented to donate the three organs.

This is the 58th cadaver organ donation in the city — its highest yet.

Post the Hiranandani kidney scam, while live donor transplants are now difficult, donation from brain dead patients continue without any hurdles. In some cases, however, hospitals are unable to find a match in the waiting list despite donations, due to fragmented registries which exist only in certain cities active in organ donation.