Music student from Chennai on fun trip found dead

Chennai, Sep 07: Mystery shrouds the death of a 20-year-old student of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music near Mahabalipuram. He attended a college get together with 70-odd students and teachers at a beachside resort on Sunday evening, but went missing during the get together. His body, with injuries on the face and head, was found on the seashore on Tuesday morning.

While the family of victim Niloy Sengupta is alleging foul play and arguing that the youth was murdered, the Mahabalipuram police claimed it looked like a case of drowning but added that they were waiting for the post-mortem report.

Niloy, a drummer, was a second year student of diploma in musical performance at the academy located in Seekinankuppam Village, Koovathur Way, from where 70 people including students and teachers went for the get together at Blue Bay, a beachside resort near Mahabalipuram.

“Niloy went missing at around 7 pm and later in the night his family in Guwahati, Assam was told about it. His father Anand Sengupta and brother Rhetham rushed to Chennai on Monday and were searching for him. Niloy’s body was found on Tuesday morning on the shore near the hotel,” police said.

“There were injuries on his head, face and neck. Only his face and neck were swollen. If his body was in the water since Sunday night his entire body should have been swollen. Though he did not know swimming, we are not ready to buy the drowning theory. It looks like a cold blooded murder to us,” said his brother as he waited at the Chengalpet medical college for the autopsy of Niloy.

His brother also said that Niloy reached the college after vacation only on August 20. “Niloy had new roommate this year. He and the new roommate, a 29-year-old man, had some problems in sharing the room. We want the police to probe if it has anything to do with the death my brother,” he said.