My music eased my pain: Gwen Stefani

Los Angeles, Nov 6 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani believes the new music she worked on following her split from husband Gavin Rossdale was a “Band Aid from God”.

“I feel like God just handed these songs to me as a kind of Band Aid, to help me through this crazy time in my life. And it’s all about finding your talent and then sharing it,” Stefani told Psychologies magazine, reports

“I think of being able to pour my emotions into songs as a gift. It’s very gratifying to be able to go through those difficult and negative feelings and use them to create something positive.

“I was aching to be creative again, so this has been inspiring and comforting because I was feeling insecure about my work. Now I feel I’ve got my confidence back,” she added.

After doubting her abilities as a songwriter, the 47-year-old felt she was being selfish in not sharing her work and talents in the wake of her marriage split.

She said: “It was a wake-up call. When things started to unravel in my life last year, I thought to myself, ‘Get back on track and stop being insecure about writing and what you are here for. Stop being selfish and share what you’ve got.'”

But the singer said it wasn’t always easy to feel motivated into working on new tracks.

“I just wanted to write songs that expressed what I was going through emotionally.

“That was the inspiration and force behind the album. It was really hard, because I just wanted to get under the covers and eat a lot of pizza and cry. But I went to the studio.”