‘MyCall by Trai’ app to help you report call drops and poor voice quality

'MyCall by Trai' app to help you report call drops and poor voice quality
New Delhi, June 9: The Telecom Industry had a fast development during these days and the issue of call drops have become an endless problem to customers. Now Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has introduced ‘MyCall’ app, which allows you to report about call drops, poor voice quality and other such issues with your telecom service, directly to the authority.

The MyCall app is an initiative to help telecom subscribers in India crowdsource voice call quality feedback so that they can make better decision on selecting their service provider.

Trai’s MyCall app is currently available only on the Google Android platform and can be downloaded at Play Store. The app is easy to use and has several features that allow you to provide a detailed feedback without having to fill up long forms or open specific portals.

Business Standard reviewed the app to understand how it works. Here are the steps that you need to follow to send your call quality feedback to Trai:

How to use MyCall by Trai

Download the ‘MyCall by Trai’ app from Play Store and install it in your smartphone by accepting all permission requests. Launch the app and go through the detailed intro to understand the features of the app. Once at home screen, you can see average ratings, 0.0 for new users. Then go to settings and customise it according to your personal preferences. Once the settings are saved the app pops up to take call quality feedback post every call, after 5 min or after 10 min – based on user preferences that were saved before. Fill up the feedback for call quality by providing your inputs

Then Check the home page to check average your operator’s average rating based on your feedbacks
All ratings and details furnished by users will be automatically shared with Trai. Users can select either mobile data or Wi-Fi option to sync their data with Trai servers.
The app is useful and is second in line from Trai after MySpeed app that was announced to check the internet speed offered by the operators. The recent Trai reports on internet speeds by operators are based on the crowdsourced data collected through the use of MySpeed app.
The MyCall app is useful but requires touch-up to fix minor bugs that decimate the overall app experience. The app force closes even on premium smartphones and requires manual feedback entry, which seems like a liability to do after filling up the feedback details a few times.